Sweet Bea’s Kitchen Creating a Legacy

Feb 2, 2018 | About the Company | 0 comments

Love is in every single thing I do. Sweet Bea’s Kitchen is no different! Even the name means love. “Sweet Bea” was my special nickname for my late maternal grandmother, Benzina, because she would always tell me “stay sweet” whenever we spoke.

Sweet Bea was my best friend, and I loved her so much! She was a trained chef and cooked for dozens, even hundreds of people every day at a city daycare, then at home for her large family. Sweet Bea was a southern chef, having been born and raised in South Carolina; she could make even the most hearty food with love and passion in each bite that made everything perfectly delicate. This kept people knocking at her door not only looking for food but community as well.

Sweet Bea used to have a garden in her neighborhood and would pick fresh food that was so much better than what was available from the store. I remember when I was a small child, she would let me hold the big spoon while she was cooking a meal for the family that would, of course, turn into 10-15 people coming over just to say hello and have a plate. I would have so much fun helping her make food; it was the highlight of my summer and holiday visits. In my late teens and into adulthood, Sweet Bea would talk me through some of her staple recipes. As she got older, I would cook for her, and even with her modified diet, she was able to enjoy some of her favorite dishes!

Now I am a chef as well, I have spent a lot of time meeting people over food, and I love cooking for others. I cater to the needs of each individual I serve. My Goal is to supply people with “food that feeds your needs”; that is food that meets your time, weight, and dietary restraints while providing ingredients that are locally grown.

My grandmother passed in 2014. Sweet Bea’s Kitchen carries on her legacy. Her kitchen never closed, just as her love for people never faded. This meal delivery service, Sweet Bea’s Kitchen, is my way of sharing my grandmother’s heart and kitchen with the world. Welcome to my table, I look forward to sharing a meal with you!

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