Sweet Bea's Kitchen Menu + Pricing

 Sweet Bea’s Kitchen provides nutritious, locally sourced and in season, custom, and convenient options. 

Delivery Schedule

Place orders by FRIDAY. Sweet Bea’s Kitchen delivers on SUNDAY between 4pm-8pm.

Leave a cooler outside if you are not going to be home and we will leave your package in a safe space.

Get a discount on your next order!

Do you have family and friends that you want to help live a healthier lifestyle? Do you know someone who is too busy to cook a fresh, homemade meal? Learn more about our referral program.

Got Questions?

If you have questions about how our meal delivery program works or about how our meals are prepared you’ll find your answers here!
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Contact Info

We're in Central Virginia!

Address: 304 East 17th St., Richmond, VA 23224

Hours: 11 am – 8 pm Everyday

Phone: 804.452.7580

Email: SweetBeasKitchen@gmail.com

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